10% of computer users only backup their data regularly putting 90% of all computer users’ still risk data loss.

Based on the last 5 year study conducted under the June’s Backup Awareness Month, We asked a simple  question: are you backing up your computer data and, if so, how often?

The results of this fifth annual survey and the four previous ones are:

Percent of Respondents Who Backup Computer Data







Backup Daily or More






Backup Weekly or More






Backup Monthly or More






While in the last few years there has been a steady trend of more people backing up data; last year surprisingly fewer people responded that they backup their computers. But this year thanks to the cloud awareness the numbers have gone up again. But is 10% a safe number?

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of 1,000 U.S. participants surveyed, interesting statistics from the survey:

  • 37% of computer owners have NEVER backed up their computer. Between security breaches, lost devices and gadgets that simply stops working after a while, data seems to be extremely safe.
  • 17% of computer owners backup less than once a year (or never.)
  • 20% of them backup their work at least once a month.
  • Then at least 16% of them are obsessed with backing up their work as they do this once a week.
  • Only 10% backup more frequently than once-per-day

Women are 33% more likely than men to have never backed up their computer, work or personal data all fall under the same number.

On another interesting point, at least 50% of respondents are married. Yet, 83% of them said they didn’t have a backup copy of their wedding photos and only 5% back-up their children’s pictures. It seems that they are blindly trusting Google and Facebook to keep their important pictures safe.

The results were especially surprising, given that nearly half of those surveyed also said that they would be unable to replace all of their information, should their hard drives go down. Even more alarming was the finding that 82% of those surveyed store large amounts of data in only one place: their primary PC.

Photos are the most common file types stored, with 55% of users trusting their hard drives with their pictures. Music, resumes, documents and even critical financial information are also stored exclusively in digital format.

Despite their failure to back up their hard drive contents, the study shows that most computer users treasure the information they store on their machines. 62% said they would spend money to recover lost data, with a significant portion, 27%, stating that they would “pay whatever it takes” to do so. Half also said they would rather give up a year’s vacation time than part with the files on their PCs. To know more on this visit Is data recovery really that expensive?

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