IT administrators may think that Web-based applications free them of management responsibilities, but that’s not the case.

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security1Web apps: Promises and problems

The promise of Web applications is great. Along with shifting processing loads from local resources to Web servers, there are no fat apps to maintain on users’ desktops, no virtual applications to package and no management requirements, right? Wrong. All the features and capabilities that make today’s browsers so powerful and complex also cause some problems for IT.

Plug-ins and helper applications first became popular with Netscape Navigator in the 1990s. Modern browsers are dependent on plug-ins such as QuickTime, Java applets, Adobe Shockwave player, Microsoft Silverlight and many others. Without them, the rich Web experience we know today wouldn’t exist.

In addition to plug-in requirements, specific browser requirements cause issues. In 2001, Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) with Windows XP. Microsoft made a strong push for IE6 because it allowed Web apps to read and write to the local system, giving them capabilities…

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