About Stellar Phoenix Solutions

Stellar Phoenix is a group of worldwide leaders in data recovery services and are providing the fastest, most secure and reliable data recovery service available. Stellar has experience in handling more dropped, damaged, corrupted and traumatized drives in one day than most data recovery providers do in one month. As a result, our engineers can successfully recover data from all storage devices and all operating systems from legacy to state-of-the-art. We are recommended by leading computer and storage device manufacturers

We offer several data recovery service levels to accommodate every situation, budget and urgency. Turnaround times are dependent on the complexity of the data loss.

Stellar Phoenix has the expertise to handle:

1. All causes of data loss, from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, including human error, viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more

2. All types of media, devices and systems from hard drive recovery to recovering RAID systems, to laptops or MP3 players. Stellar Phoenix’s engineers can even recover data from storage or database systems that are unique to your organization.

Ten Reasons to Put Your Trust in Stellar Phoenix Solutions

  1. We understand why media fails and we know how to properly recover your data
  2. Our process is non-destructive the integrity of your device is preserved
  3. We do not “Experiment” on your storage media with unproven processes; we know what we are doing!
  4. We offer “No Data No Charge” even if we recover your data but if the recovered data is not what you need.
  5. Our data recover tools are proven and cost-effective
  6. There is absolutely “No Hidden Fee”
  7. We have 98 percent success record!
  8. We offer 24/7/365 customer service which includes pre- and post-recovery support.
  9. You will receive a file listing report of all the recovered data.
  10. Our Class 100 clean rooms mean that your data is safe with Stellar!

Working with Stellar Phoenix Solutions is Easy!

Put us to the test today! We guarantee our service standards.  If you have any storage media with data you need to recover

  • Call us at 1 855 BY STELLAR (297 8355) or click here to complete a service request form.
  • You may also visit our web site directly to learn more about our capabilities

We are committed to building the value of the Stellar Phoenix brand and we stand behind our service to you. We want to earn your trust and confidence as your “go-to source” when you have data retrieval challenges.


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