What are some of the best apps on the market to keep your iPhone and iPad safe?

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Find My iPhone

Name: Find My iPhone

Developer: Apple

Price: Free

Compatibility:  iOS |

Find My iPhone, developed by iPhone and iPad maker Apple, is an app useful in the wake of rising smartphone theft. If you’ve lost your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, you can use another iOS device with the app to sign in with your Apple ID for iCloud. Once signed in on another device, you can locate your missing gadget, lock it remotely, and hopefully recover it. If there’s no hope of the latter, you can erase all of your data off the device.

However, do not forget to enable Find my iPhone in iCloud settings, otherwise you will not be able to locate it later on.

Keeper Password & Data Vault

Name: Keeper Password & Data Vault

Developer: Callpod

Price: Free

Compatibility:  iOS | Android

Keeper Password & Data Vault is a password manager compatible with…

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10 Top Big Data Stories of 2014

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In 2014, businesses stopped just taking about big data and got serious about big data deployments, moving many of their initiatives from test environments to production. The phenomenon is shaking up business structures, causing roles to shift and evolve and seemingly birthing new use cases with every passing day. Here are CIO.com’s most-read big data stories of 2014.

10) Why Analytics Makes Tesla Better Than Jaguar, by Rob Enderle, published Aug. 8, 2014

The Tesla isn’t a perfect car, especially in a market still dominated by gas guzzlers. But the company’s widespread use of analytics to study its vehicles improves the customer experience and offers a lesson to automobile industry mainstays still resting on their laurels.

9) C-Level Executives Seeing Big Results From Big Data, by Thor Olavsrud, published Sept. 11, 2014

A study by Accenture finds that many organizations are putting big data initiatives into…

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Top Practices to Backup Virtual Infrastructure

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Whether you’re a newbie to virtualization or administering hypervisors for a while, it’s now time to decide the virtual infrastructure backup design and backup product features in use. This will ensure that you are both optimally protecting your virtual infrastructure as well as taking advantage of the latest virtualization backup features which will make your life easier.

We will now learn the top practices to backup virtual infrastructure.

  • Choosing the Right Tool: Just because a backup tool says it can backup virtual machines, doesn’t mean that it can actually backup well. Choose the backup tool which can understand your virtual infrastructure. Many backup tools use the traditional file backup agents which backs up the physical machines to backup the virtual machines which is inefficient and might affect virtual infrastructure performance.

Select the backup tool which can perform block level backups of virtual machines such that only changed blocks of…

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Survey Reveals that it’s Not only the Volume Of Data But The Different Types Of Data Collected That Is Causing Storage Headaches

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Big Data

Nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of data scientists said big data had made their analytics more difficult and data variety, not volume, was to blame, according to a survey of 111 data scientists from computational database management system designer Paradigm4.

The survey results indicated that it is the diverse types of data, not the volume, that’s a bigger challenge to data scientists and is causing them to leave data on the table. The report also revealed 39 percent said their job had become more stressful with the growth of big data, while nearly half of data scientists (49 percent) said they’re finding it more difficult to fit their data into relational database tables.

“The increasing variety of data sources is forcing data scientists into shortcuts that leave data and money on the table,” Marilyn Matz, CEO of Paradigm4, said in a statement. “The focus on the volume of data hides the…

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How to Monitor Common Pattern of a Server With a Web Server Fronting a Java Application

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Let’s use the common pattern of a server (one of a cluster, most likely) with a Web server fronting a Java application server running several JVMs, each of which contains a couple Java applications:

  1. Software platform metrics: Simple process uptime monitoring is the most basic method, but most Web servers, app servers, and other third-party components also surface metrics about their operation via a status page or other means. These provide another data point on uptime and performance, which helps isolate issues, but you’re limited to the specific metrics the software provider decided to provide.
  2. App container metrics: Typically, these are Java JVM metrics via JMX or code instrumentation (or similar metrics on other platforms). These deliver excellent depth to find application issues at runtime, but there are thousands of fine-grained metrics that require some sophistication to understand.
  3. Application metrics: These surface from inside the application itself using a…

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Almost Half of Web Users Under Attack by Malware

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malware5.39 million local malware threats were detected on computers in India, putting the country in 10th place globally

Internet users in India simply need to be more alert and vigilant when online, and pay attention to any and all abnormal activities online. However, it does become challenging to determine what is considered suspicious, behind the scenes activity when users aren’t aware of what to look for. If anything, simple precautions such as not selecting features to keep a user logged in, or even opening an attachment without a virus scan first, can help prevent some attacks.

According to Kaspersky Lab‘s second quarter report, Kaspersky Security Bulletin, for April to June 2013, 19.9 million malware threats were detected on the computers of the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) participants in India.

Overall, 35.6 percent of users were attacked by Web borne threats during this period, according to Techgig.com. India ranks 15th overall…

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Malvertisements Targeting Mobile Devices more than Tripled Last Year

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Web ads directing users to malicious sites have surpassed pornography as the leading source of mobile malware, according to a new report from security and networking solutions provider Blue Coat Systems.

Today, one in every five times a mobile user encounters malware, it’s through a tainted web ad. Just last year, web ads accounted for only 5.7 percent of mobile malware compared to 22 percent for porn sites.

But that doesn’t mean mobile users should feel safe logging on to their favorite NSFW websites.

While it’s true that the number of mobile malware incidents on pornography sites has (slightly) decreased, those sites still remain the most potent threat to mobile users.

“With web ads, the rise as a threat vector correlated with a rise in web ad requests,” the report said. “The story is different for pornography. Requests for pornography on mobile devices don’t even reach 1 percent of all…

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